Projects can include Designing & Painting, Canvas Bags, Canvases, T-Shirts & Murals.


I love working with kids and young people, often I find they teach me as much as I teach them.


The main objective for me when working with kids is for them to build self confidence and not worry about making mistakes. Don't worry about what the teacher or other students will think and don't compare yourself to others, we are all unique, just enjoy, is my moto.


My workshops are about having fun and letting go of the rules for a little bit. It's all about experimenting and working in a calm environment, where people care and your voice is acknowledged. Art is also very therapeutic and rewarding, not only does it act as a momentary escape when making it but you have a piece of work for your wall or to wear at home. I quite often find that children understand me far better than the adults as they love the fact I use my imagination and incorporate humor into my work. I can also appreciate their different angles on creativity as I come from a misfit art scene full of all sorts. Not all art has to have obvious MEANING sometimes its subconscious and the meaning is revealed much later down the line. I say follow your heart and do what you feel is right, when it comes to art there are no mistakes but only new paths revealed.


Sometimes when working on a group mural we have to collate our ideas and produce a cohesive mural, this is also a great way to get children working together as a team in order to complete a project.


I work in Schools, On Youth Buses, Youth Centers, Pop up Workshops under Marquees and I can be hired privately for parties.

I have presentations on the history of Street Art and Graffiti, as well facilitating discussions on the variety of mark making on the streets.






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