About Me

It always seems easiest to begin with my name NEONITA.

The Neon part refers to the bright florescent colour I use within my work, I love bright colour and using UV reactive paint means my work can be seen in both normal and ultra violet light. I love this switching between light sources as it can really alter the mood of a piece as well as giving the ability to hide things within the work.

The Ita part of my name reflects my love of Central/ South American art and culture, as well as announcing my femininity.


I love ancient art, tribal pattern and delving deep into my imagination. Fantastical worlds and creatures often appear from the parallel universe of my mind. I also try to include humour in my pieces as well as pondering's on science, nature and our existence in this crazy old world. I feel like it is particularly important at the moment as advertising and social media occupies so much of peoples visual space.

I'm also glad to be part of the lowbrow art scene as I never liked the way I felt pressured to make what was considered to be real art. I've always enjoyed folk art and art from other cultures, it is so important to feel free.

I love that art is now much more accessible to the general public. This was the reason I started painting outside in the first place, as well as the fact that I love an adventure.

For the future I plan on making more paintings and drawings that explore the mysteries of our sub conscious mind, learning from the art of our ancestors and continuing to be inspired by the natural world.





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