WOM Inspired, Brixton Village Market Courtyard, 2021

 From the 6th March to 12th April 2021, "WOM-INSPIRED" will brought together 30 artworks by 30 amazing female artists inspired by what empowers them as women. These were displayed in Brixton Village Market Courtyard & on an online gallery: www.womcollective.org/exhibitions



She is perhaps one of our earliest feminist figures that is still revered to this day. In one story which highlights this she was told by monks that in order to progress to enlightenment she should pray to be reborn as a man. She then proceeded to pray to come back as a female Bodhisattva (Buddah) for all eternity until Samsara is no more. This resulted in her becoming the Goddess Tara.

She offers Healing and Compassion to all beings suffering in both mental and physical forms.






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