Hastings Underwater Universe

This commission for Hastings Council  and was part of Hastings Last Thursdays Festival, it was painted in association with Stella Dore Gallery.


I designed the mural to the underwater brief reflecting the planets sea life as well as trying to convey the extraordinary universe we are part of. Underwater life is such a gigantic part of Hastings cultural identity as well as being a hugely significant part of our Eco-system which we need to treasure. I also included a little fantasy in the form of some mermaids and tried to give the sea creatures some cheeky personality as I wanted the space to feel welcoming especially for families using the car park and subway as a walk through. I think it's important that art should have magic and transport people for a moment into another realm.

Previously a bit of a scary space, it's amazing how colour and image can change an atmosphere as well as peoples behavior and feelings. The public were thrilled and told me they feel much safer and happier now the mural is there.

I painted the space with my friend Steph from the Stella Dore Gallery she used conservation friendly emulsion as a background for me to work on.





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