NEONIA, Stockwell Park Estate, Brixton, 2016

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For New Years Eve 2016 I created a florescent interactive world called NEONIA. Helped by my friend Solo 1 I was given a space in the disused Stockwell Park Estate.

I wanted to make a space that was post apocalyptic to reflect the abandonment of the buildings to which many residents were unhappy about, also to breath life into a space for one last time prior to demolition.

I imagined a world taken over by strange plants and animals with crumbling remnants. It was to be a fun, dream like, interactive  space to inspire creativity and to make people feel like they had been transported away from reality.

I did this by using 3d glasses which react to the florescent paint making the installation pop out and giving depth to flat surfaces. We held a NYE party which was a final goodbye to the block.

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